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BabyDragon Coin is Hyper-deflationary with an integrated smart staking system built in to reward you, so more BabyDragon coins are being automatically added to your wallet each transaction. Simply Love, fire and watch your BabyDragon grow.

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About Us

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BabyDragon is gentle but with a lot of FIRE! $BabyDragon is a deflationary coin designed to become more scarce over time. All holders of BabyDragon will earn more Baby Dragon that is automatically sent to your wallet by simply by holding BabyDragon coins in your wallet. Watch the amount of BabyDragon grow in your wallet as all holders automatically receive a 5% fee from every transaction that happens on the BabyDragon network..

what we give Investors

Why Choose Us BabyDragon Coin

Manual Burns

We have burn pool of 50% of the supply. That means with every 10% transactions completion, 10% of burn pool will be distributed to the dead wallet. Coins are burned with every transaction.

Rewards Holding

10% of each transaction is redistributed to token holders. That means you earn more BabyDragon Coins by just holding them in your wallet.

Sharing ecosystem

Baby Dragon comes with two referral programs. One program rewards you for bringing new users to the platform, the other one pays you for promoting BabyDragon. Effective for Investors, influencers, and companies of any size, Baby Dragon allows everyone to enjoy new streams of income by promoting the platform and its content.

Charity Wallet

We have a designated charity wallet that receives redistributions that are used to support our charity partners.

Future Strategy

We have strategic features added to our token that will yeild all Holders a long term stable Return of investment for life.









BabyDragon Information

Total Supply

2 Quadrillion

Airdrop Cap

200 Trillion

Pre-sale Cap

200 Trillion


1 Quadrillion

Auto liquidity

500 Trillion

Marketing & Reward

100 Trillion